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Hi Cindy,

Good news, I got a phone call today from the managing director and he told me that they are happy to offer me the job as an Assistant Finance Officer. He told me that I can start from next week.

I applied for the job through seek and was invited to the interview by a phone call after few weeks, I only had a one round interview with two managers. Interview lasted for about an hour and the questions were  all Behavioural type.

The Questions were very similar as the interview questions we covered in Interview class and they helped me a lot to answer the questions fluently and helped me to be very confident.

At the end of the interview I asked them few questions and tried to leave a good impression by saying that I am very interested in the role and keen to work for your company.

Another important thing which helped me to get the job was that when I came home after the interview I send an email to both interviewers to thank for the interview. In my letter I tried to pick up the most important point about the role and the company and wrote about it by saying “I have a real interest in this area of work. Being the environment of the job very fast pasted made me more interested in the role. I believe my hard working personality would certainly enable me to make a valuable contribution to your Company.”

I would recommend all the trainees to apply the last point during their interview process which would really push one step forward then other candidates.

This is pretty much about my interview experience.

Thank you for all your professional help and support during the training and after the training which really helped me to get this job.

With Kind Regards,


Some of the questions were:

Would you stay if they contract you?

I said yes and explained them why I want to stay because of my manager and team

How would your manager describe you?

I said team player, responsible, good technical skills in AP/AR, studios very friendly, and would say that I have good time management and organizational skills.

I also said I look after the company’s accounts and help the team with other client tasks during busy period, and we have more than 100 clients and I said i do lots of customer interaction both face to face and by email and phone. the office has very fast passed environment, we start work from 8am to 5pm. I said my manager knows I that I am looking for a job because of my contract is finishing.

There were more questions but these were the most important ones that they might ask you. other responsibilities and achievements are all same and they are in my resume.





Dear Jeff and Humam,

I hope you are well.

My apologies for sending this email late, I have already gotten an offer from one of the big four accounting firm as an senior accountant.

I would like to thank you all for your professional training which was useful to me in my job search.

I would also like to thank Jeff for the interview session he had during the intensive training. It was very useful and it helped boost my confidence and Humam for always being there to answer question and help me solve problems.

Please see below some questions I summarized from my interview as follow:

  1. Introduce your self
  2. Introduce your study experience
  3. Why choose this company and not the other big 4’s
  4. Give a scenario when you have shown leadership
  5. How would you deal with conflict in the work place
  6. describe a situation where you went above and beyond
  7. Tell me about the situation you met the strict deadline.
  8. give a scenario where you found a issues with client internal control
  9. How do you inform clients of internal control issues and successful responses
  10. If you find some weakness in internal control, how can you deal with this?

I really hope the afore mentioned interview questions can help others in their interview.  Thanks again for all of your help.

Kind regards