We provide practical training in entry level finance roles for those wishing to make a career in the finance and investment field. These courses will suit graduates or those looking to get their first finance or investments role.

Target Audience:

  • Students (generally Finance, Commerce or Accounting) who are still studying in university, TAFE or just graduating
  • People from overseas requiring work experience in an Australian finance work environment
  • Junior staff who have limited professional working experience in small/medium companies


  • Approximately 3 months part time


  • Excel

Relevant in applying for the following roles:

  • Assistant Investment Consultant, Financial Planner Assistant, Bank Teller, Finance Administrator, Entry Level Finance roles

Benefits to you:

  • Be trained by an experienced Analyst
  • Develop practical finance and investment skills
  • Individual attention (small groups)
  • Advanced Excel & financial modeling skills


Module 1 Introduction to the industry

Part 1

  • Examine industry paths to achieve your finance career goals
  • Run-through of Financial Planning Assistant responsibilities
  • Walk though administrative processes such as application

Part 2

  • Introduction to entities and structures such as companies and trusts
  • Discuss industry wide indices and benchmarks
  • Introduction to platforms, wraps and managed funds

Module 2 Excel training and analysis skills

Part 1

  • Learn how to use the following Excel functions
  • V-LOOKUP, SEARCH, SUMIF, COUNTIF, SUMPRODUCT, IF and multiple IF statements, IS, Paste Values
  • Pivot tables to work with very large spreadsheets (>30,000 rows)
  • Pivot tables to provide summaries
  • Code mapping

Part 2

  • Measuring risk through sensitivity analysis of an investment portfolio
  • Prepare performance analysis of investment returns
  • Prepare look-through reporting for a large portfolio

Module 3 Financial planning concepts

Part 1

  • The importance of superannuation and other tax advantaged structures
  • Understand the use of pensions and the retirement calculations
  • Learn about Centrelink strategies

Part 2

  • Understand how to use the different types of insurance
  • Know how to plan for intergenerational wealth, estate planning and power of attorneys
  • Apply the main financial planning strategies on client situations

Module 4 Financial Markets

Part 1

  • Examine the characteristics of the various asset classes
  • What you need to know about the Australian share market
  • Learn about the major financial information service providers such as Bloomberg

Part 2

  • The basics of technical analysis and charting
  • Understand the flexibility of derivatives markets such as Options, Futures, CFDs
  • Discussion of compliance and the regulators

Module 5 Portfolio Management

Part 1

  • Get to know the financial planning assumptions
  • Understand the importance of investment guidelines and policy
  • Practice assigning risk classification to clients

Part 2

  • Learn about diversification and risk analysis
  • Practice portfolio rebalancing on client portfolios