For those who have already successfully stepped into the accounting field, after a couple of years doing repetitive junior tasks, are you finding it hard to progress or even get a promotion from within the same organisation? This is because you may not have sufficient technical skills of a Senior Accountant. This program has been designed to give you these technical skills.

Target Audience:

  • Accountants who need to perform advanced accounting duties
  • Accounting students/graduates who want to work for large listed firms
  • Accounts Clerks in small to medium firms who are seeking to move to large organisations


  • Approximately 3 months part time


  • SAP and Excel


  • FNSTPB402 Establish and maintain a payroll system
  • FNSACC412 Prepare operational budgets

Relevant in applying for the following roles:

  • Senior Accountant, Management Accountant, General Accountant


Topic 1  Listed Company Accounting Dep. Structure & Month End Check List

  1. Understanding of the Senior Accountant industry
  2. Month end work processes of a listed company accountant
  3. Procedures involved in compiling financials
  4. Procedures involved in management reporting
  5. Reports involved in month end reporting

Topic 2  SAP Skills and Practice

  1. The link between SAP and Outlook
  2. Difference between ERP systems and accounting softwares
  3. General Ledger Overview in SAP
  4. Create GL Account in SAP
  5. Enter GL Document in SAP
  6. Reverse Document in SAP
  7. Search And Display Document in SAP
  8. Display Account Balances in SAP
  9. Display Account Line Items in SAP
  10. Park Document in SAP
  11. Post Parked Document in SAP
  12. Open And Close Posting Periods in SAP
  13. Balance Sheet And Profit & Loss Statement in SAP
  14. Cash Flow Statement in SAP
  15. Chart Of Account Report in SAP

Topic 3 Sales Report, Inter-Co Sales & Sales Analysis

  1. Run Sales Report from SAP/In-house system
  2. Adjust Inter-Co sales and Inter-Co cost of sales
  3. Actual v Budget, Forecast v Actual and Budget v Forecast analysis
  4. Generate Flash Report to reflect sales fluctuations
  5. Perform business analysis report for senior sales management

Topic 4  Stock Report and Analysis

  1. Run Stock Report from SAP/In-house system
  2. Set up Stock List, Use all Inventory related function in MYOB
  3. Important analytical methods for stock analysis, such as Stock Value, Stock Days, Turns and Margin
  4. Perform V-Look Up across and within sheet
  5. Generate Flash Report to catch trends in stock levels
  6. Incorporate stock analysis info and prepare business email for Warehouse manager

Topic 5  Accruals

  1. Comparison of accrual practices for Listed companies and small/medium size companies
  2. Accruals and Take-Up-Accruals procedures
  3. Set up accrual pool
  4. Reconcile accrual account as part of General Ledger reconciliation
  5. Major Balance Sheet Items Reconciliation in Listed Company

Topic 6  P&L Analysis, Company Internal Audit

  1. Use margin to analyze sales
  2. Use margin to audit company accounts
  3. Select samples for audit from company accounts
  4. Use variance report to analyze actual operation, price variance and manufacturing variance
  5. Use Flash Report to present cost info for senior management
  6. Provide feasible recommendations for senior management based on info extracted from analysis

Topic 7  Consolidation

  1. Consolidation procedures for SAP/In-house system users
  2. Consolidation procedures for MYOB users
  3. Eliminate inter-co transactions, such as inter-co sales and inter-co loans
  4. Journal entries for dividend declared and payment
  5. Consolidate Balance Sheet and P&L for group

Topic 8  Forecast

  1. Procedures of quarterly forecast for manufacturing company
  2. Design forecast templates for branches
  3. Liaise with branch managers to collect forecast info
  4. Consolidate forecast at national level
  5. Forecast v Budget, Forecast v Actual analysis

Topic 9  Budget

  1. Procedures of yearly forecast for manufacturing company
  2. Design sales budget templates for branches
  3. Design expense budget templates for branches
  4. Assist with branch managers to generate budget info
  5. Payroll and capex budget
  6. Consolidate budget at a national level
  7. Work with large Excel spreadsheets
  8. Prepare and present budget to the Board

Topic 10  Cash Flow

  1. Design daily and monthly cash flow templates
  2. Use cash flow to perform an insolvency test
  3. Use cash flow to perform a feasibility study
  4. Use Macro recording function for cash flow statements
  5. Use Visual Basic Editor for cash flow statements